Rosina Andrews

Rosina Andrews – Technical Jazz

BA Hons, Author Pirouette and Leap Surgery®, Founder Rosina Andrews Method 

Rosina is a sort after experienced jazz dance educator and choreographer
who has worked intensively around the world. Her individuality, work
ethic and technique styles are principally based upon her time living,
training and working in New York. Rosina’s work incorporates both

intense biomechanical understanding and freedom of movement, allowing dancers to access further development by dancing smarter. Rosina’s two technique publications, Pirouette Surgery® and Leap Surgery® are referenced worldwide and her qualifications within Child Development (BA Hons) and  psychology (Level 3)  deepen her understanding of teaching and learning to suit each student specifically. Rosina is an advocate of continued professional development and often returns to the USA to train. Over the past 10 years Rosina’s students have gone on to perform internationally and are renowned for their innovative and unique style, strength and ethos. 
Together with her husband, Samuel Downing (who is a certified personal trainer), their methods are influencing the world of dance teaching.