Over 18’s:

Wilkes Academy does not have its own accommodation, but we are more than willing to assist you in your search. Once you accept a place with us, we can provide the details of local housing companies that many of our current students have used while studying with us. These companies have their own excellent standard properties as well serving as intermediaries with many other good quality local landlords once you are registered with them.

We strongly advise you begin your research early to make well-informed and safe decisions that align with your specific requirements. At Wilkes Academy, we are committed to supporting you throughout your journey, and we trust that with our guidance and your proactive approach, you’ll find the perfect accommodation that is safe and will enhance your experience with us.

Under 18’s:

If you are under 18, we strongly recommend opting for host accommodation when choosing living arrangements. At Wilkes Academy, we directly manage the host process to ensure that all host family homes are approved and compliant with the necessary legislation. We have carefully curated a selection of approved host accommodation providers and will work closely with you to find the most suitable options. Rest assured, all host accommodations come with the provision of three meals a day.

Wilkes has a network of Host Families with whom we place our students when the college closes daily and at weekends. It is our aim to arrange for our students to have a “home from home” experience that is safe and secure. Sometimes, more than one student of a similar age will be staying with a host family at any one time. However, our guidelines state that no more than three students are in a single host household each year.

Living In Swindon:

Situated less than an hour outside of London, the Wilkes Academy campus presents a fantastic opportunity for aspiring performers seeking both affordability and convenience. Swindon boasts excellent transportation links, including a railway station on the Great Western Main Line, serving as a vital junction with regular trains connecting to London, Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Reading and Cardiff.