Student Welfare

We are dedicated to providing unwavering support for our students’ mental and physical health and wellbeing throughout their training journey.

We understand that, for many of our students, this will be the first time you’ll be venturing away from home to embark on a full-time journey of studying and performing.

With this in mind, our utmost goal is to ensure that your experience here is enriching, rewarding, and as enjoyable as possible. We take pride in the dedicated team and processes we have in place to ensure every student is able to succeed.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Our students have access to a dedicated wellbeing and support team which is led by our Designated Safeguarding Lead and supported by our Student Welfare Officers.

Our welfare team offer regular tutorials and are always available to discuss any matters that may be troubling our students whether related to training, or other pastoral issues. 

Learning Difficulties & Disabilities

If students have a specific learning difficulty or disability which may present barriers to learning, they will have an opportunity to discuss with us before the start of the course to understand how we could support them in their learning so they have the resources they need to reach their full potential.

Our academic study support is available to help our students with any additional support they need to complete their course. Students can book 1:1 sessions for more personalised advice or use the shared study space for group feedback.

Dean Parsons
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Kay Wilkes
DDSL & Student Welfare Officer
Kim Watt
Technical Jazz | Injury Support
Jess Marshall
Injury Specialist
Suzanne Woodruff
Sports Therapist
Kathy Francis