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Frequently Asked Questions


Auditions for both our degree and diploma pathways will run from January 2024 until the May 2024 and will take place weekly, there is no audition fee. Normally, auditions consist of 3 dance workshops/classes (Ballet, Musical Theatre / Jazz, and Commercial), you will not be asked to do a dance solo. Then, you will be asked to also perform a solo song (32 bar cut) and monologue (no longer than 1 min 30 seconds). On the day, you will have the opportunity to meet current students and staff and will be concluded with a one-to-one interview with our principals.

We don’t currently host open days at Wilkes. Instead, our audition days serve as an open event for prospective students to explore our facilities, meet some of our faculty and gain a glimpse into what an authentic day looks like. We also offer online information events which are advertised throughout the year which is a great opportunity to ask any questions prospective students might have.

We don’t hold summer schools, we instead host an associate programme which takes place one sunder per month for 9 months for students between the ages of 9-18.

Autumn Term: 17/9, 15/10, 19/11

Spring Term: 14/1, 11/2, 24/3

Summer Term: 21/4, 19/5, 16/6

The cost is £105 per term.

Wilkes Academy also offers training and an insight into the industry for Under 16s.

We’re eager to share our knowledge and pass on our experiences to the next generation, giving them a taste of what its like to be involved in Performing Arts.

We host weekly classes in both Swindon (Saturday) and Stoke (Tuesday). 


Monday 18th October – Friday 1st December    

Monday 8th January – Thursday 28th March    

Monday 15th April – Friday 5th July

All the above dates are subject to change and may vary on year group and course

UCAS Applications: Deadline – 31st January 2024

Key UCAS Dates

Auditions: January – May 2024

Move It:  15-17 March 2024 at ExCeL London

Graduation: End of July (TBC)


Students have 5 or 6 lessons daily with a 80/20 practical/theory split over the year.

Usually, one day per week is a dedicated contextual day (academic day with a mix of guided and independent learning).  Lessons begin at 8:30am and run until 5:30pm, students are expected to be in the studio, warmed up and ready to work 10 minutes before the first lesson.

(Lessons may vary during project periods)

Students have the equivalent to one day per week of complementary training. This training is optional and not essential to the degree or diploma syllabus but is very industry beneficial.   

This training is great value for money (heavily subsidised) and scholarship opportunities are available after a successful audition with us.

Throughout both courses, students will take part in performance opportunities or privilege projects* like our annual End of year show, MOVE IT and other performances. In the third year of our degree course, students take part in a full scale musical performed in our local theatre directed and choreographed by guest teachers over a six week period. * Students attendance must be above 90% to audition for these projects.