Our Facilities

Located just outside of London in Swindon, Wilkes Academy offers an affordable and convenient location for aspiring performers. With easy access to London-based auditions and workshops, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking quality training without breaking the bank on living expenses in the city.

Our college is designed to provide the optimal learning environment for our students, facilitating their growth and skill development. Boasting many spacious studios covering over 1000 sqm of Harlequin Floor, we offer the ideal training space. Additionally, our facility includes a dedicated area for aerial training and apparatus for gymnastic sessions.

In our Acting & Singing building, we have large dedicated learning spaces to allow students to hone their vocal and acting skills. The college also offers a range of support and tutorial spaces across the campus including a study support area for quiet study or 1:1 intervention.

Our college has an outdoor café ‘Fresh Easy Eats’, perfect for socialising and relaxation between classes alongside two fully equipped student kitchens.